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Jan 18, 2013 11:00pm EST
to jump in. >> i have problems having spent 30 years in law enforcement. i do have a problem with that and i think i was discussed in mexico in the last session of congress and it didn't really get anywhere. i think they know what the consequences are but the drug abuse. it seemed to me, decriminalizing drugs, [inaudible] that's my personal opinion. >> the information i've seen, although you hear these arguments about decriminalizing, on the other hand these to more and more different drugs and i think -- is not the right direction we would like to take. >> i think mexico does not have the infrastructure to deal with the jocks. in order for that to happen, you would have medical attention and infrastructure that needs to deal with the people addicted to drugs and the effects that create. i think, from my cave, my very own dave to deal not a clear socially was such a big step. there are some who believe and it may believe that what create -- it would stop the violence. i don't think you will do it. not from my death. the country has the backdrop to do with addictions. >> next
Jan 17, 2013 11:00pm EST
was a police officer in the city of wilmington. also the chief law enforcement who've i've known even longer share the same last name. the attorney general and i found when i do whatever he says because he is the power power to indict. [laughter] all kidding aside, i'm proud of my home state has ceased to stay in the senate come a point of personal privilege the progress they make in the leadership of jack markel, our governor on the very subject you talked about. i say dennis, you'll forgive me if occasionally i'm so used to referring to the mayor of philadelphia as my mayor because i spent about half my life in philadelphia and other mccray and other resides in the city limits, went to be particularly good. my daughter is also a very very slow, since that's been particularly good behavior. ladies and gentlemen, it's a pleasure to be back. i look forward to the opportunity every chance i get from the time i was a young fellow new to the united states senate, it's one of the groups from whom i've had a relationship for a long, long time and it's always nice to be with a group of people who y
Jan 15, 2013 11:00pm EST
for comprehensive and revenue choke tax reform is a critical and very important to creating progress tax law that will enable american companies to compete effectively against companies that are domicile in other countries around the world. we need a level playing field. we don't have a level playing field today. the united states has the highest corporate tax rate in the world and also the united states is one of the few countries in the world with a system that is called a global tax system rather than a territorial tax system. during the 113th congress, we're going to continue to advocate comprehensive tax reform that broadens the base they reduces corporate tax rates in those to a competitive territorial system. procter & gamble pays income taxes in over 100 countries around the world good business taxi firm should provide a level playing field of each business has the confidence of knowing it pays roughly the same amount of in contacts that its competitors and markets at home and abroad. and deficit reform, the obvious problem is currently the united states has been spending at a rate t
Jan 16, 2013 11:00pm EST
to come from the congress. they make the laws. they have created this massive thing called dodd-frank, which we are only part weaker in terms of interpreting and figuring out how to work. and i think it's much more appealing and i believe that the community bankers support will be fully supported on this issue. this is something we have been bird dogging, just to go back to the litter references and i think it's gaining momentum going. but it will not be easy. as i said earlier, is benefiting, lawyers and bureaucrats. john. [inaudible] i am half australian, this is water. yes, sir. >> i'm rubber weisner with public citizen. thank you for leading us on this. i have a two-part question, maybe it's two questions disguised as one. you know better than me barney frank and chris god we say we dealt with too big to fail and they meant it. as you're saying as regulators we really mean it and that's not sufficient to convince either bankers are markets. so i'm curious the part you didn't emphasize, but that drug. that's the plan for government intervention to separate the institution and
Jan 14, 2013 11:00pm EST
could probably take the rest of the hour talking about it. but what i will say is that we are first law very much engaged in monitoring the economy. the fed has increased enormously the number of resources into monitoring conditions and what's happening in different sectors of the financial market. we have also been part of the very extended effort to strengthen our financial system by increasing capital in banks and making derivatives more transparent and accompanying supervision and so on. so we are taking measures to try to prevent financial instability and identify potential risks that we would then address to regulatory supervisory methods. those are very much the two issues. but once again, this is something that we need to pay full attention to. as we have discussed in our statement and have for a while, as we evaluate these policies, we are going to be looking at the benefits, which i believe involve an economic growth to reduction of unemployment and also looking across the cost-benefit type approach here is to make sure that the actions we are taking are fully justified in cos
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5